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Wanders helps all RVers plan memorable trips in less time with less hassle

Find Places 

Browse a map or look through shared trips. Wanders provides trusted, updated campground information you can count on.

Build Routes

Create flexible itineraries and select RV-friendly routing. Navigate your route with confidence.

Get Insight

Use Wanders to get and give advice on trip plans. Connect with other RV travelers who’ve been there before.

Share trips

Travelers have unique ideas of what makes a great trip. Use Wanders to easily share the best parts of your journeys.

Wanders works on a wide range of devices

Start a trip on your desktop & easily send the whole trip,
or just your next drive, to your phone to navigate

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Discover the Unknown

Wanders is built to help people explore places they don’t know - Browse a map or look through other’s shared trips - you get trusted, updated place information you can count on.

Build Flexible Plans

Trying to decide between places? Add all three to a stop. Want to find some activities to add to the plan - no problem just drag them to the trip. Can’t figure out which site to reserve? Look through others best campsite maps.

NavigatE With Confidence

We know not all roads are equal when you are traveling in an RV - and not all trips are linear - thats why we give you options for RV specific routes, step-by-step directions but also ways to pause, stop and explore along the way plus connections with RV travelers who’ve driven there before.

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We get it - sometimes it's just easier to let someone do it for you. Our area experts will plan the trip of your dreams for you.

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